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I love those "WOW" moments at the gaming table and I'm here to tell you that The Rod of Initiative will achieve that type of response from your group. The skill and precision are mind blowing and the quality is really amazing. It makes for a great gift for your group or DM and the customization options are endless.

Joe Manganiello

I wanted to let you all know that I received my Legendary Rod of Initiative and it is AWESOME!!! I just want to say this was a great investment and you guys are doing great work.


Ok, I have been playing around with my legendary rod all evening (the one from the Kickstarter) and it is 100 times better than you guys led us to believe. The quality of this product is just unbelievable and I love every part of it. It was worth every penny. I am working on ordering more custom name plates now.

Greg Cunningham, Kickstarter Backer

I was looking for another project actually and made one of the best accidental discoveries I have made in a long time. This is such a great item. This is one of those things that you know will grab attention at your table the first time people see it. I play in a large community and a lot of people will be seeing this.

Kickstarter Backer

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