The Legendary Rod of Initiative

Fumble less, and adventure more with the Legendary Rod of Initiative in your next DnD or Pathfinder tabletop game.
A massive THANK YOU to all our wonderful KICKSTARTER BACKERS! Last year we set out on an extraordinary adventure, a quest to bring you a new and better way to track initiative.  We were successful in our quest, and now with your support on Kickstarter, we are able to bring you the LEGENDARY ROD OF INITIATIVE.

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Roll Initiative!

Two of the most exciting words to hear (or speak) in an adventure. But tracking initiative can be a major distraction from the action unfolding.

Monsters could be hiding around every corner, and sometimes they show themselves when you least expect it. And when they join combat in a later round, adding them to your initiative tracker can be a distraction from the gaming experience. When they are killed, removing them from the tracker is yet another interruption. Finally there is an easy way to add and remove creatures and enemies quickly and easily. With handcrafted wooden dry-erase compatible nameplates - that affix themselves to the tracker via the power of magnetism - it's incredibly easy to create space and shuffle the initiative order about while maintaining the immersion that makes Tabletop Role Playing Games (TTRPGs) like Dungeons and Dragons so much fun.

Behold, the power of magnetism! (actual tracker not self-assembling)


The Legendary Rod of Initiative in all its glory.

The Rod, The Legend

A magnetic, cold-rolled steel hex rod featuring an elegant matte black finish inserts with a satisfying "click", magnetically, into the beautifully handcrafted maple wood base with copper inlaid collar. The base is laser etched with a classic polyhedral design and finished with a rustic dark-brown colour which is sure to turn heads at your next D&D or Pathfinder session. A cork bottom keeps the base from scratching your table top.


Blank nameplates are compatible with dry-erase markers and wipe clean with ease!
Magnetic nameplates make adding and removing monsters and NPCs a quick and painless process.

A stylish topper depicting the a dragon hammer head, clicks magnetically on top to bring it all together for an elegant design; fit for the most discerning gamer's table. Order yours today!


Anatomy of the Relic

All standard Legendary Rods of Initiative made out of Canadian maple.

You've waited your entire gaming life for this - an easy way to track initiative on the fly. Be ready for anything with the Legendary Rod of Initiative from Brothers Forged.