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Legendary Rod of Initiative: Wave 5

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Lock in with wave 5 pre-orders. Estimated to ship Jan 2021 at the latest.

A magnetic, cold-rolled, steel hex rod featuring an elegant matte black finish inserts with a satisfying "click", magnetically, into the beautifully handcrafted maple wood base with copper inlaid collar. The base is laser etched with a classic polyhedral design and finished with a rustic dark-brown colour which is sure to turn heads at your next DnD, Pathfinder or other TTRPG session. A cork bottom protects your table top.

Each Legendary Rod of Initiative includes 10 magnetic, blank dry-erase nameplates that make adding and removing monsters and NPCs a quick and painless process. Flip or remove any defeated monsters and characters just as easily at any angle you want around the hex shaped rod. All dry-erase blank nameplates are made out of maple to ensure legibility of your written text. 

A stylish topper depicting the Brothers Forged signature dragon hammer head, clicks magnetically on top to bring it all together for an elegant design; fit for the most discerning gamer's table.

Also includes: a wooden sword hilt turn indicator, and includes a bonus magnetic dry-erase marker with eraser on the cap.

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